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Pouches, T-shirt bags, trash bags

Nova Roll produces HDPE and LDPE plastic bags. Nova Roll bags satisfy market needs, and automated production cycle guarantees the highest quality of products. The assortment includes:  
- T-shirt bags,
- pouches,
- trash bags.
Plastic bags are produced of PE pellets.  Depending on the mode of production are distinguished low density (LDPE) and  high  density polyethylene (HDPE). LDPE bags are matt and swish while using. HDPE bags are more dense and glossy. Production of plastic bags is a complex process where PE pellets are melt under high temperature, then a bag sleeve is extruded. If the bag should have gussets (as T-shirt bags do), at this stage the necessary form of the sleeve is made. Then the sleeve gets into the cutting machine, which forms the bottom of the bag and cuts the sleeve into parts.
Production of T-shirt bags is a bit different from production of pouches or trash bags. The difference is in the form of the knife used to cut the bag sleeve and the mode of bottom sealing. The production is controlled in all stages, including the quality of raw materials. 
Pouches, trash bags, T-shirt bags are vapour and water impermeable, resistant to puncture and tear, and, which is the most valuable, cheap. Due to these qualities, they are used everywhere. 
PouchesPouches are used for packing hard and loose products. Pouches in rolls, rolls on core and in packs are used in supermarkets, at markets, and in shops. 


Today retail cannot be imagined without packaging: practically all food products are packed into plastic bags. 

Pouches are made of HDPE or LDPE and have differences both in appearance and in physical qualities. HDPE bags are half-transparent, practically don't swish, are smooth and resistant to tension. LDPE bags are thin, transparent, and rustling, and at the same time very cheap.

Nova Roll has modern equipment that allows to make pouches of various forms, density and capacity. The bag doesn't have to be white or transparent - we can offer you coloured bags and bags with your logo or any picture printed on them. 
t-shirt T-shirt bags are the most popular among bags with handles. Thin, light, and quite capacious, they are indispensable for supermarkets and shops.

Pack & Service company offers its clients trash bags under trademarks Vasilek and Marvink.
Vasilek  Trash bags under trademark Vasilek are sold in household shops and supermarkets. Due to high brand awareness, convenient packaging and high quality the goods under this trademark are very popular among the target customers.
 Marvink Our company produces a line of trash bags for home and office under the trademark Marvink. In the assortment there are bags with ties, which make their use more comfortable. The bags have high durability. Products under this trademark are sold in METRO Cash&Carry supermarkets.