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Strapping bandStrapping bands are one of the most modern packaging materials.

Strapping bands we offer are used for:

  • packing of molded and piece goods (strips, paneling, furniture);
  • packing of bale goods (newspapers, magazines);
  • for drawing heavy loads (heavy boxes, metal, bricks, paving slabs on pallets).
Polypropylene strapping bands are a simple, cheap and convenient packaging material. They are indispensable when products need to be stacked, packed into layers, when outer packaging (corrugated box, bale or sack) needs to be armoured, when the weight of the goods needs to be stabilized on the pallets. A wide range of parameters of strapping bands allows to use them for loads of any weights and sizes.  

Polypropylene strapping bands have become acknowledged internationally as a cheap and reliable packaging material since long, and continue to increase their popularity in Russia. PP strapping is produced of high-quality materials and has outstanding geometrical parameters which allow to use it on mechanical, semi-automatic and automatic wrapping machines.  

Polypropylene strapping band is a transparent stretchable winding material coiled into bobbins (reels). The advantages of applying strapping band are: lightness, strength, easiness of application, absence of rust and of spots on goods. Polypropylene bands don't recoil like a spring, which prevents injuries. It also can be fully recycled.



We offer strapping bands produced by our partner company Avalon-S since 2006. The company uses modern European equipment, which allows to produce high-quality certified bands for application in high-speed machines. The band complies with European standard EN 13394:2001 for polypropylene bands, and has been tested in the Main Centre for Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance of the Ministry of Defence of Russia and has a correspoding hygienic certificate.



  strepping machines

strepping machines

Strapping bands are fastened with metal brackets, as well as by temperature weld:

  • for hand binding hand strapping machines and metal brackets are used.
  • for machine binding automatic and semi-automatic strapping machines are used.
Ways of fastening

strep_fasteningStrapping band may be fastened three ways: 

  • Packing with brackets - fastening the edges of the band is done with a bracket made of relatively soft metal, tightly squeezed with a special device on already stretched band. The durability of this  fastening is higher than of the band itself, if the technology of fastening is followed. 
  • Packing with buckles - the edges of the band are reached through a special buckle, then the band is stratched and tightly clasps  the buckle. To pack heavy loads, the buckles are made of steel, and for stacks of paper or magazines, etc. - of plastic.  
  • Packing with thermal welding of the edges of the band is the most progressive way of fastening strapping bands today. Thermal welding of the edges of the band is made with automatic or semi-automatic equipment. Practically all goods are packed this way today, from stacks of paper to pallets with tile. Choosing this type of fastening gives additional economy, because it doesn't need brackets or buckles, though the equipment is more expensive. 

Areas of application


Polypropylene/polyester strapping band is widely used for roping, tightening, packing and mounting of various loads: boxes, building materials, metal constructions and profiles, pipes, various wooden goods (furniture, boards, plywood, logs, paper, cardboard, etc.), bricks, ceramic and paving tile, and many other goods.  

Polypropylene strapping band can stretch without changing its width, thus making work with goods at warehouses or during transportation easier. This quality is especially valuable when fixation of an object in the centre of a pallet is needed (e.g. machines, sanitary ware). This type of packaging has high strength at break (up to 500 kg/cm), which makes it possible to use PP band for binding loads up to 4-5 tons. The schemes of strapping are chosen individually, depending on the size of goods and transportation conditions. Ecological quzlities of our bands allow to use them for packing food products. 

Polypropylene and polyester strapping bands are more eco-friendly industrial products than metal strapping band. Furthermore, the risk of getteng an injury while working with them is a lot less than with metal ones. One more important feature of polypropylene bands is their relative elongation. To understand its meaning, let's imagine packges standing one on each other. If the lower package is packed with metal band, after a long storage the band will slack; PP band will stay stretched. PP strapping has a large coefficient of elasticity, that is why it is more resistant to impact loads than steel band. The economic feasibility of implementing PP strapping into production is the following:   

  • expences are significantly cut during hand packaging; 
  • during fully automatic packaging (it's necessary in production with high output - more than 25 units per minute), the costs of implementing are compensated manifold due to safety of goods during storage and tansportation, and also due to cutting costs on other packaging materials and more rational use of labour. Thanks to greater length of band per bobbin, a bigger volume of goods can be packed with PP/PET band than with other type of packing bands. Use of these bands allso will help to utilise the full height of your warehouse.