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Stretch film is one of the popular packaging materials that is widely used for transportation, pre-packing and storage of goods. It is made of three- or five-layer linear low density polyethylene.

The main feature of stretch film is the ability to stretch with leap-back effect: when stretched, it tends to assume its original form. This quality gives stretch film its good protective properties.

Due to its high elasticity, stretch film provides excellent fixation of items in the package. Moreover, this property provides high tensile strength of stretch film.

Stretch film has another unique feature - the layers stick to each other, thus creating not only fitting but also sealed packaging.

Depending on how you use stretch film, it is classified to manual and machine (automatic). In the second case packing is performed by special machines and devices for stretching the film. 
Automatic stretch film  stretch_film_manual
Manual stretch film

 Advantages of stretch packaging

  • ability to stretch the film and thus use less packaging material;
  • safe fixation of items in the package;
  • protection of the goods from damaging and contamination;
  • control of the contents of the package due to the film transparency;
  • ability to create sealed package;
  • possibility of usage in a wide range of temperatures;
  • low cost.

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